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Activity Days


If you have always wanted to take on that challenge of the hills or mountains then we have just the activities for you. Zenith leisure has a vast amount of experience guiding groups young and old throughout the UK and abroad on some of the most scenic landscape you will ever experience. The staff will make the day both challenging and enjoyable whilst passing on their wealth of experience.

If it is just a gentle day out to get a taster for the hills and lowland terrains, Zenith leisure offers a generous amount of local walks in the North East of England and further afield,

We believe that with the current economic climate there is always a risk that people are more careful with their money so the cost is kept to guiding only. We have a variety of different accommodation choices that you can pick from on our links page. You can organise your overnight accommodation, and travel if required, to be appropriate to your budget.


Rock Climbing

They say that towards the end of life, you think of the things you should have done, not what you have done well. This is your chance to put things straight. Rock Climbing can be a fantastic experience and achievement for both young and old. The staff at Zenith Leisure are really passionate about what the North East crags have to offer for beginners and experienced climbers alike.

The staff will be informative, friendly and supportive towards all abilities and really give you an experience to remember. We can offer beginner courses, logbook training days, intermediate training and climbing fun days all specific to the group or individuals.



The staff team at Zenith Leisure have spent lots of time looking at the benefits of canoeing over kayaking and to be totally honest, we still haven’t come to an agreed answer! However, canoeing can offer much more flexibililty and space for journeying, making that trip away more self-contained without support teams whilst having the luxury to carry those items for comfort and enjoyment, well maybe!

We offer one day “Have-a-go sessions” as well as the British Canoe Union (BCU) star awards. This gives people the opportunity to see if it is an activity that they could follow up and further their experience in. We also offer trips on rivers and canals in various locations around the UK from over night trips to 5 day expeditions on some of the bigger rivers or waters of Scotland.


Mountain Biking

Around 74% of mountain bikes sold are rusting away in people’s garages having been ridden for a total of 2.7 hours. Then again, 38% of all statistics are made up! Bikes, helmets and emergency maintenance are provided for you on this trip though you may prefer to blow the cobwebs off your own machine. Dalby forest provides challenging routes for all abilities and we regularly cycle some favourite cross country routes over the North York Moors, single-track and mud being particular local delicacies. For the guided rides, our fully qualified leaders will plan the day to suit the group. These range from local days out to multi-day trips such as the Coast to Coast or the Great Glen, staying in hostels. The skills workshops will help you become a better and more confident rider enjoying a greater degree of control over rough or technical terrain.


Wild Woods

Somewhere between the SAS and your parents’ favourite caravan site there is a comfy land of woodland glades, fresh food from local shops cooked over the fire and perhaps a mug of cocoa as you peep out at the stars from your sleeping bag. You won’t learn how to whittle a spoon or deep fry flies eyes on this activity, but you will learn the skills of low impact wild camping; how to use fresh water sources sensitively and leaving virtually no trace.

The staff on this trip usually camp this way in preference to staying on campsites and have many years of experience of operating within current access laws.


Team building/Corporate Activities

Designed to enhance teamwork, communication, confidence, trust and co-operation; all qualities that are valuable in any walk of life whether in business or other situations. Groups have commented on our activities being both fun and informative whilst feeling they have achieved by the end of the day.

All of the activities that Zenith Leisure deliver are both professional and safe. We have are certain that they can be used for a corporate event to enhance business opportunities, or simply as a thank you to existing clients. We also have a range of energisers and focus activities that can be used in large meetings or corporate training days, to enhance the aims and outcomes set.



Do you want to explore our UK coastlines in an adventurous way? If the answer is yes then Coasteering is for you! Coasteering is an adventure activity that takes place around the rocky coastline of the UK. Coasteering entails wearing a full body wetsuit, recreational buoyancy aid, white water helmet and suitable footwear.

It is a combination of swimming, scrambling and jumping that takes place along the base of sea cliffs, exploring gullies, caves, cracks and different rock formations created by the sea. Stopping on route to experience the rise and fall of the ocean waves and experiencing the movement of the swell in and around the rock formations.

The staffs at Zenith Leisure have undertaken a comprehensive training program and assessment to ensure they have a great knowledge of the areas we use to enhance your trip either for recreational fun or for education purposes.



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