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GPS Tuition

The global positioning system (GPS) has been available as a navigational aid for some time, but as time advances GPS is becoming ever more accessible and ever more complicated. The introduction of smart phones, mobile mapping and ever more complex GPS handset designs has made it increasingly hard for the novice user to get to grips with GPS.Zenith Leisure Outdoor Adventure - Navigation

The majority of the course is taught outside, in a practical setting allowing new skills to be put into practice immediately.

GPS handsets for use on the course are supplied for the day, included in the course fee. Candidates may also bring their own handsets, however if candidates require tuition in the operation of personal handsets this should be discussed prior to the course.

Dates for our upcoming courses and prices can be found on our course dates page

Bespoke and ‘closed’ courses for private groups and individuals are available upon request.

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The 'Introduction to GPS' course aims to break some of the myths surrounding GPS, and to show how GPS can be used in its many forms as a powerful aid to navigation.

The course lasts for 8 hours, and looks at the following topics:

  • How GPS works
  • The different uses of GPS in outdoor adventure
  • The accuracy of GPS
  • Marking and Locating Way Points
  • How to use GPS as a navigational aid
  • Tracking Routes with GPS
  • Relocating with GPS
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