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Adventure Activity Licensing is here to stay

The notice came out from The Department for Work & Pensions in the last few days and states;

‘Ministers have decided that there remains a place for AALA because it is important that parents and other carers of children can have confidence that activity providers are following good safety practices. Therefore AALA will be retained, albeit that in the longer term its scope and future delivery mechanism may change. Any proposals for significant change will be announced with sufficient lead-in time to allow the licence holders to plan for change and, if required, will include transitional arrangements.’

Improving health and safety final report March 2015

For many this will not be unexpected and is consistent with what I understand are the recommendations being put to the Scottish Government as result of the recent consultations. Though there are no immediate plans this announcement does leave the door open for a broadening in the scope of activities covered by Licensing and for the potential for the sector run its own ‘delivery mechanism’. Any significant change for providers will very likely require a change in legislation and is therefore unlikely to have any impact on those requiring an inspection in the next 12 months.

IOL continues to support AAIAC as the primary body in the sector for providing guidance on health & safety and as the owner of Adventuremark, enabling adventurous activity that is currently outside of the scope of Licensing to be inspected by a credible third party.

Any queries should be directed by email to IOL