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Rock Climbing: Head Outdoors

The ‘Head Outdoors’ course is aimed at indoor climbers who want to make the transition to climbing outside on real rock.

Rock climbing is a growing sport, with many different disciplines and styles. The ‘Head Outdoors’ course aims to give candidates an opportunity to explore local climbing venues, and to experience climbing on real rock.

Courses are run over one day, and accommodation can be arranged if required. Courses can be extended to two days in order to cover the construction of belays for bottom and top rope systems. Course dates and prices are available on our course dates page. ‘Closed’ and private courses for groups and individuals are available upon request.


Before bookings are confirmed we will contact you to ensure that the course content is suitable for your needs. Course content is variable depending upon your aims and experience, and in general we aim to cover:Zenith Leisure Outdoor Activities - Head Outdoors

  • The selection and use of appropriate equipment for outdoor climbing
  • Basic climbing knots
  • Belaying in a bottom/top rope system outdoors
  • Keeping safe at an outdoor crag
  • Climbing movement skills on real rock
  • An introduction to bouldering outside
  • Dealing with emergencies outdoors

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