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Caedmon Primary School

After Zenith Leisure had provided us with an exceptionally high standard of outdoor education for our year 6 cohort, we secured their additional services for a pupil who was at serious risk of permanent exclusion. Retaining this pupil in mainstream education was proving extremely challenging and despite significant multi agency involvement, had resulted in him accessing school on a considerably reduced timetable and demonstrating a real reluctance to engage positively in any learning experience. The services offered by Zenith Leisure were extensive and immediately engaged this pupil. The member of staff who worked with him were outstanding, treating this pupil with the utmost respect, gaining his trust and ensuring he accessed high quality learning experiences each week. This enabled us to capitalise on the pupil’s renewed interest in learning by linking his outdoor education to other areas of the curriculum. As a result, the pupil received no further fixed term exclusions and his timetable has gradually increased each week.

Our school has never had anything less than an excellent service from Zenith Leisure and I am extremely pleases to provide this testimonial. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Mrs S Richardson

Caedmon Primary School

8th July 2013