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Our morning with Zenith Leisure

On Tuesday 18th December it was our morning with Zenith Leisure. First our instructors told us a few things, and then we had to answer some questions. We answered them and it gave a clue to what we were doing – shelter building. The questions gave us the things we needed to have in our shelter and what to make it with. First we got into teams. There was four teams altogether. In my team there was me, Lucie, Danni, Taylor, Hannah and Ada. Secondly, we collected six pegs from the instructors and a big plastic sheet for the roof. Then we set off to build our shelter.

Next we found a location on the field where we wanted to place our shelter. We started to tie the plastic sheets to the trees and to the gate to make the roof high. After that we started to add the details to the insides. But the most important thing was we all had a job. Next we added the details to our shelter then the instructors called everyone in then we went around to all the other shelters and scorecard them out of ten. We managed 8 ½ out of 10 and we were very happy!

Then after break time we did archery. It was extremely good fun. Everybody had a go at having a shot. In fact, we all had several shots. Then we were set a challenge: What we had to do was to try and aim at some rubber bands that the instructors had sellotaped to the target some people actually hit the sell tape so they collected the band that they had won but they weren’t suppose to but nobody had hit inside the bands so it was fair. And that was the end of our day with Zenith Leisure.

By Ollie
Year 6.