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Outdoor Education Teacher Training

Dave delivered some Outdoor Education Training to teachers at Riverdale Primary School during one of their training twilight sessions.  Below are some of the comments we received back:


Very enjoyable. Nice working on a practical task with colleagues. There was a sense of achievement even though our machine was the least successful. Most useful for me was listening to Dave’s support of our group, his clever questioning that moved us on when we couldn’t work out how to improve. He never told us the answer, just helped us draw our own conclusions. I also enjoyed the freedom of the task, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it if we’d been given a set of instructions to follow!


Yes it was a really good session – showed how resources don’t have to be all sing and all dancing. Lots of curriculum links can be gained from activities like this.  I think activities like this need to be done over one/two whole days so children keep the ‘flow’ of learning – especially if a range of curriculum links are being covered.


I thought that the session was a great way to get new team members collaborating and working as a team. It was a fun way to get over the benefits of incorporating an outdoor teaching approach and identifying the links with the curriculum.