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Why choose Zenith Leisure?

There are many outdoor education providers out there, so how do you choose which one to put your trust in, this is always a difficult one, because whilst outdoor education is exciting, there are so many things that could potentially happen if you don’t have a quality team delivering it.

Zenith Leisure have worked in our school for the last 2 years and are due to continue to do so next year. Their work involves working with small groups of children from Nursery up to Year 2, and then full classes in Key Stage 2. The staff are extremely skilled at what they do and are very adept at managing behaviours across the full range from the quietest most timid child to extreme behaviours. The staff are in constant dialogue with the school to ensure things are running as we expect, and they respond quickly to changes needed to accommodate different situations that may arise across a year. They make a point of finding out about and follow school policies and procedures and the children they are going to work with. Zenith have led 5 residentials now, involving children from year 3 up to year 6. Each is different building on skills the children have already gained to ensure they don’t just get the same experience year on year. I was quite amazed at the skills my Year 6 children now have on their recent residential in Borrowdale and how confident they have become to try new things and challenge themselves.
Health and Safety is always of the utmost importance to the team and equipment provided is of a high quality. I have complete trust in the instructors and their abilities and they regularly take groups without any school staff.
When I met Dave Griffiths for the first time to discuss the possibility of Zenith working with our children I was struck by his passion and enthusiasm for what his company provides and about always providing a gold service for his customers. During this time I can categorically say he never settles or accepts second best from anything or anyone within his team, he sets high standards and he ensures his team deliver on them every day. He believes our children deserve to receive the very best experience possible and his team have delivered on that without question – definitely gold service!

Mrs K Reilly
Head teacher
Riverdale Primary School